What Are the Best Thermal Underwear Options for Staying Warm in a Drafty Office?

As springtime slowly transitions to summer, many of you are still dealing with unpredictable weather patterns and chilly office temperatures. We know that maintaining body warmth in a drafty office can be challenging. You may find yourselves layering up in sweats and wrapping in blankets, but still, your body shivers from the cold. The answer to this dilemma may lie in thermal underwear. Though it’s typically associated with outdoor activities in winter, thermal underwear can be your best companion in a cold office environment. It’s lightweight, fits snugly under your clothes, and best of all, can keep you toasty warm. We are going to focus on merino wool thermal underwear, known for its superb warmth, softness, and breathability.

Understanding Thermal Underwear and Merino Wool

Before we delve into the best options available, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of thermal underwear and the exceptional properties of merino wool.

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Thermal underwear, also known as base layers or long underwear, is primarily designed to regulate body temperature. It fulfills this function by trapping body heat and wicking away moisture, ensuring that you stay dry and warm. Merino wool, originating from the Merino sheep, is a natural fabric that is lauded for its exceptional thermal properties. Unlike synthetic materials, merino wool can regulate body temperature, making it an ideal choice for thermal underwear. It is also soft, lightweight, and has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Why Choose Merino Wool for Thermal Underwear?

You may wonder why merino wool is often singled out as the best fabric for thermal underwear. The reasons are manifold, and we will explore them in detail in this section.

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When it comes to warmth, merino wool is unmatched. It can retain heat better than any other material, thanks to its natural crimp, which traps air and creates an insulating layer. This makes it an ideal choice for thermal underwear, ensuring that you stay warm in the coldest of offices.

Besides warmth, merino wool is also extremely breathable. Unlike synthetic materials, it can absorb and release moisture, preventing overheating and ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the day. This is especially important in an office environment, where you may experience fluctuations in temperature.

Another standout feature of merino wool is its softness. Unlike traditional wool, which can be itchy, merino wool is incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin. This makes it an ideal choice for long underwear, which is worn directly against the skin.

Finding the Best Fit for You

Now that we understand why merino wool is the best choice for thermal underwear, let’s explore how to find the right fit. After all, the effectiveness of thermal underwear largely depends on its fit.

A well-fitted thermal underwear should be snug but not restrictive. It should be able to stretch with your movements and not bunch up under your clothes. When buying thermal underwear, consider the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Note that different brands may have different sizing, so it’s important to check the measurements carefully.

In terms of style, thermal underwear comes in a variety of options, from long sleeves to short sleeves, and from long bottoms to briefs. Choose a style that suits your needs and comfort preferences.

The Best Merino Wool Thermal Underwear for Women

After careful examination and research, we have narrowed down the best merino wool thermal underwear options for you.

The first on our list is the Icebreaker Merino Women’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crew. Made from 100% merino wool, this top offers incredible warmth and breathability. It fits snugly, ensuring that you stay warm without feeling overheated. It also features a feminine scoop neck, making it easy to layer under your office clothes.

Next is the Smartwool Women’s Merino 250 Base Layer Bottom. These long bottoms are perfect for those who need extra warmth in their lower body. Made from 100% merino wool, they offer excellent thermal regulation and moisture management. The wide, comfortable waistband and the flatlock seam construction prevent chafing and ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day.

In conclusion, merino wool thermal underwear is an effective solution for staying warm in a drafty office. By understanding the properties of merino wool, finding the right fit, and exploring the best options, you can ensure that you stay comfortable and warm, no matter how cold your office gets.

Consideration on Drying Speed and Moisture Wicking

An essential aspect, not to overlook in your thermal underwear is its drying speed and moisture-wicking capabilities, especially in a cold office environment where dampness can further lower your body temperature and make you uncomfortable. Merino wool excels in this regard due to its unique composition.

Merino wool fibers have a natural ability to draw moisture away from the body, a process known as wicking. This property ensures that sweat and moisture do not linger on your skin, contributing to a feeling of dampness or chill. Instead, merino wool base layers actively transport this moisture away from your skin to the outer layers of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly. This process helps maintain your body’s dryness and warmth consistently.

Moreover, merino wool’s drying speed is remarkably fast. This means even if your thermal underwear gets wet, it will dry quickly, reducing the chances of feeling cold. So, if you are worried about sweating in your thermal underwear, merino wool’s superior moisture-wicking and quick drying properties provide you with the confidence that you’ll stay dry and comfortable.

Best Men’s Merino Wool Thermal Underwear Options

Now, let’s take a look at the best merino wool thermal underwear options specifically for men.

First in line is the Ridge Merino Men’s Aspect Base Layer Bottoms. Made from 100% merino wool, these long johns are perfect for keeping you warm from waist to ankle. They provide exceptional warmth without adding bulk under your office trousers. Plus, the Aspect base layer bottoms have advanced moisture-wicking properties, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable all day.

Second on the list is the REI Co-op Lightweight Base Layer Crew Top. This long-sleeved top promises excellent moisture management with its merino wool fabric. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for layering under office attire without feeling restrictive.

Finally, the Patagonia Men’s Capilene Midweight Crew is a great choice for those seeking a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. This crew top combines the warmth of merino wool with the durability and fast drying speed of Capilene synthetic fabric.


Surviving a cold, drafty office environment doesn’t have to involve bulky sweaters and blankets. With the right merino wool thermal underwear, you can stay comfortably warm without sacrificing your professional appearance. From understanding how this natural fabric works to keep you warm, to finding the best fit, and finally, choosing a high-quality product, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision. So say goodbye to those shivery, cold office days and hello to comfortable warmth with the best thermal underwear options for both women and men. Whether it’s the Icebreaker Merino Women’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crew or the Ridge Merino Men’s Aspect Base Layer Bottoms, remember, your comfort in the office starts with what’s underneath.

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